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As long as not all edges is marked sharp it should not be a problem. does it look like that even if you delete the custom normal data? Try to add the weighted normal modifier and see if that helps.

Yep. Tracking with you. Especially on the ergonomic side. Blender is hands down the best. No pun intended.

Correct. That is a new wrinkle. I did not read everything. So I am not sure if there is a setting or not.

I saw this feature in a tutorial, but couldn’t get it to work. After a LOT of searching it seemed that Edit/_Lock Object Modes needed to be disabled.

But now I can’t get it working again. --It’s simply ALT+LMB, right??? In Object mode?

yes. ALT+LMB when you have multiple objects under the mouse.

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oh… that fall off you mean. Didn’t you say Drag Net?

Proportionate Edit actually is pretty much exactly the same thing as Point Radial. And the fall off is adjusted pretty much exactly the same and also it has fall off choices which are very similar. Although there are more in Blender. :wink:



I think what you are looking for is Magnet (Radial Fixed) and all of the fall offs similar to that.

I think the closest we have are the Mira Tools. I am not sure if there is a Magnet. But there are some other similar fall offs.

The blender is looking real nice!

It is real hard for me to unpack what you are referring to without more screen caps, wires,a and showing your Modifiers.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used it, but yes, I think Drag Net is what I’m talking about. It’s similar to Magnet.
What I think I could do with either of them is shape it to encompass a tall object for instance. It wasn’t limited to a perfect sphere. Also, I didn’t have to be pulling on a certain thing. If it fell under my spheroid shape, it was influenced. I could pull and shape things, almost like sculpt.

Yeah. But Drag Net is a different thing entirely than Magnet. It works like proportionate edit. Which is why I mentioned it.

Actually all of those tools in Modeler are joined by the same fall offs. Point Radial is a specific kind of fall off that is similar to proportionate edit.

Some of the other fall offs are different and can be set to “fixed” where you get that 3D adjustable thingy.

One confusing difference might be LightWave Modeler everything is selected if nothing is. So this is how you get the “don’t have to be pulling on a certain thing” aspect of it. Because you are pulling on the entire mesh based on the fall off.

This is generally considered “soft selection” in all other apps (including Blender) and is dependent on a selection. Modo might be the same as LW though.

Thanks about the mixer!
Never mind about the shading problem. I had been trying out putting a bevel on a boolean cut on that handle, so I had a Bevel modifier on it. I removed it and the problem went away.

The problem I was talking about with getting things to match up, maybe you can see here. I want to handle to match the body where it connects, and the front piece to where it connects to the body.

Here’s a close up on the real thing

This was taken from lightwave.
Curve guide in miratools

>>Thank you<< for clarifying that. :+1:

And now:wink::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: – FFS, you have to have multiple things lined up under the mouse? Otherwise NOTHING at all appears?* No wonder I was confused.

Seems like ALT+LMB= list of objects would be pretty handy MOST of the time, not just in depth-confusion situations.

  • Some “training wheels” would have been appreciated: like, if there’s only one object, only one object is listed – which would be consistent, therefore the LAST thing I expect from Blender coders. Or if you alt-click in empty space, the dialog appears but with “(no objects)” in italics. I get the function, but the implementation is bone-headed and inconsistent as usual. --No doubt someone will say “Noooo, it’s perrrrrrfect the way it is! Like ALL Blender things!!!”, but they can bite me.

Blender is esoteric and occult in the truest sense of these words.
If you are not properly initiated you might go insane using it.

Translation: Hard to use, impossible to learn.

It’s the software equivalent of the bandoneon.

My RCS submission on this:

+Improvements to ALT+LMB depth sorting feature// training wheels - UI consistency+

If you have multiple objects overlapping at a screen position, ALT+LMB in Object Mode calls up a dialog allowing you to choose which object you are trying to select. Great! Good feature.

However, like MANY Blender features, the UI is inconsistent in that ALT+LMB otherwise does NOTHING AT ALL. Essentially it hides its functionality. This does not assist in the learning of Blender, as the user is left with “why is this not working”?

I propose an addition to the ALT+LMB behavior: When ALT+LMB clicking on ONE object, it will simply list that object. IOW, it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing, but there’s only one object. Really nothing is changed from the user viewpoint.

However, if the user ALT+LBM clicks on an empty area, the same dialog appears but with (no objects) , in italics, in the list area. This cues the user that “yes, indeed I am functioning, but there’s nothing to select.”

The ui becomes more consistent, rather than foolishly clever, and assists the user in learning all its features.

My solution whenever I want something to line up like that, is I start them from the same part.

Here is just a quick nonsense part.

In the middle it is the same geometry. And I am just going two different ways with it.

Makes sense, but I didn’t do that. I modeled that handle using curves originally, and that front piece has been tough to get right. I’ll know better next time. I’ve just been learning new techniques. Some I’ve found aren’t as useful as others, especially for certain things, like this handle.


You can always go back and make the connection out of one piece and then join it back to the other part of it. This might prove easier and faster than trying to make it fit. Just depends. Or simply make the geometry the same poly flow and match with snapping.

I think it’s good enough at this point. I need to move on to finishing other details.

I am not criticizing your work man. You asked for help with it. I think the whole thing looks great!

I thought we were discussing workflows and so on. So those were my modeling pointers. That’s all there is to that. :slight_smile:

Seriously, real nice work!

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No, I didn’t take it as criticism. Sorry if I sounded that way. Thanks for the compliment!

I just don’t want to get hung up on this one little thing when there are other parts I haven’t modeled yet.

Thanks again.