Discussing 2.69 Stable Release (memory Issues)

The new hair shader looks really good, and the new AA sample system is very impressive. However I am finding the new hair system to be extremely memory intensive. I have a 580 3gb card, and i can no longer render hair with the same settings as I could in 2.68. It is really eating up my Vram to the point where I don’t think that I can render a full head of hair on my GPU :eek:

I am hoping that the answer lies in the new hair settings, and I hope that someone here who is more knowledgeable then I can help me understand why this is. Even when I cpu render the hair, it is eating up 4 GB of ram at 200 display children per strand on only 200 emissions and 3 segments.

At present I i have primitives set to Triangles and Ribbons.

Update - It is not just the hair that is causing this problem

If I take an old file and render it in Path tracing I see 530mb, then when I switch it to branched it changes to 936mb. However switching it back to Path Tracing does not = a reduction and it stays at 936mb. And not just with hair either… it is like this with any scene.

Hmmm… I am not sure if I am liking this. May have to switch back to 2.68 :confused:

Hello, Jon. In the file that does this could you try this and let me know if it works: switch from dynamic to static (or vice versa) and back.

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ATM, the problem appears to be the same with all files including ones that do not involve hair. Sorry I should have made that more clear. At first I thought it was a hair only issue, but shortly there after I realize that it was universal to all files.

What is most disconcerting, is that RAM usage is normal if I open a file that was saved in pathtracing in 2.68. But if I switch to branched, there is an instant (significant) increase in memory usage. Switching the file back to pathtracing does not clear this extra memory. It stays the same.

It is as if Branched rendering is doing something that is not being cleared out of the system RAM. However I can only guess as I know nothing about programing.

Hi, tested several files but had no difference between path and branched path in Blender and system monitor.
I am on Linux, system specs in my signature.

Cheers, mib.

I’m running windows 7 64.

Example: A Bedroom Blender File (5.11 MB in size)

2.68a: GPU Memory in 2.68: 428mb
2.69 Stable: The exact same file loaded in 2.69: 535MB (Pathtracing) 913MB (Batched) :eek:

But now when I switch the file back to pathtracting, it remains at 913MB and does not go back down to 535. So something is wrong with this build on windows 7 64.