Discussing different frame rates

I’m just curious as to what frame rate you all use to animate. People keep saying to animate at 24fps, but isnt the standard NTSC standard 29.97 or 30 frames per second? If i render my animation at 24 fps in Blender and import in into Sony vegas using 29.97 fps, the animation is all choppy. So why do they say to animate at 24fps (i know thats the framerate for film and then they use pull down fields, Telecline, inverse telecline to convert). Wouldnt it just be easier to use NTSC or PAL frame rates instead of 24, 15, ect?

NTSC? PAL? Are you working for an old TV network?

I don’t know why but it looks like 24 fps has become a kind of standard for the computer related videos. I just checked on my HD and apart from a few rare ones in 25 fps, everything is in 24 fps. Any way, you don’t choose a frame rate because you prefer it, you use the one of the place where your videos are watched. YouTube likes 24 fps. The movie industry prefers 24 fps too. I like to work in 25 fps because the calculations are easier and I insult my screen when YouTube proposes me to convert. For whom do you work?

If you work for Sony Vegas and it can’t do anything but 29.97 fps, well, if you’re not ready to throw it by the window yet, do what it says. Just don’t forget that in between 24 fps and 30 fps, there 25% more frames to render…

And if you are rendering for interlace the best way in Blender (sadly) is to render double the frame rate and convert to interlace in another app.
Eg. PAL is 25fps 50fields so you would have to render at 50fps and convert them all to 25i, but you loose half the resolution that you rendered in ech frame.