Discussing ManuelBastioni addon?

Hi folks

I have some questions regarding the 1.3.0 ManuelBastione plugin…do we have a section somewhere dedicated for that, or perhaps one on his site?

I tested the earlier version, and As I recall I could switch to sculpting mode and weight paint, but now with the 1.3.0 version, I can´t recall how to go about with that, other than saving it out as obj and reload and sculpt on that.

Also, when activating cycle render, the skin becomes all purple.
And where is all the expression pose settings? it´s all gone, at least in the toolbars, I can only initiate it…nothing more, then pose if selected that way etc.

Moved from “General Forums > Blender and CG Discussions” to “Support > Modeling”… though it could also be in another sub-forum, depending on the specific issue that you’re having.