discussing n-gons

If I understand correctly, an n-gon means that a face of as many sides as possible can be made, so hexagons, octagons etc…

Anyway I have found some kind of trick which allows faces, subdivission to occur on one face or more without creating more faces on the other surrounding squares.

As I cant submit attachments here; here is a nifty trick; http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=646919#post646919

How would n-gons be useful, could someone provide an example please.

ngons are most useful in the construction of geometry.

An example of this would be for example, deleting the edges where you want to change the flow of topology, creating one big polygon and then using something like cut or connect to put the geometry back in the way you want.

Another example is cutting across a series of edges. Currently in blender (at least in my experience), if you are only cutting a partial loop/ring, the resulting terminated cuts are always tris, to which you have to go back in and restructure to quads and flow correctly.

Although, I’ve never used the current fgon implementation, they appear to be a cosmetic effect for giving final meshes a cleaner look.

Your process appears to be more of a cosmetic than a functional alternative too and from a modeling point of view seems geared towards inorganic shapes as, once you subsurf that mesh… the duplicate polygon would show itself immediately in any deformations.

Every organic modeler that I know personally, swears by ngons in the production of their models but, their final mesh is almost always quads and tris. Ngons are a great tool for increasing workflow speed.

n-gones are a very powerful tool because the allow you to partially subdiv an area of a mesh without adding more faces than needed.

when you go the lightwave website you will some very good videos about how they use n-gones and subdivs and extrusion tools.

i have to agree in your other post. you just put up a way to hide triangles, but as mentioned for animation and TEXTURING this will be a nightmare and make your modeling trick useless.


>>> Ngons are a great tool for increasing workflow speed
Err … maintaining reasonably good eyesight?