discussion about bringing BGE to the browser.

I’m not sure everyone has heard about this. I really wish I could attend one of the Google I/O just out of curiosity.

Native Client is , what I see. A huuuuuuuge change for the interweb :D. In how we’re going to build future web apps, but also more fun stuf like future browser games. <— yay!

In essence what I got from the presentations I’ve seen and read in papers.

You build the GUI with standard html tools, HTML+CSS+JavaScript. So for a game you build the first landing menu just as a standard html page.

but then you can specify code C/C++ that’s gonna be send as code to the client, and compiled into a module. Now these modules are run natively on the clients computer, just as any other application but got that linkage into the browser with your custom GUI.

In a way, you could precompile the whole BGE as a module.:spin:

build your custom GUI with HTML+CSS+JavaSript and add as additional Native Client modules the game logic you do in blender with Logic Nodes.

Suddenly you could in theory, make the whole game on your studios computers , from modeling, to rigging to texturing to animating, to setup game environment , play it / debug it. And never leave the blender interface.

Then code the GUI and deploy it on the web, playable in the browser. and the only “slow” thing is the (remember Initial!) exchange of code/modules from server to client computer.

anyways I guess it’s just news so far but. If there is anyone involved with the development of blender game engine, you might find this interesting.

I once had a talk on IRC with Kaito , and he told me that once blender was involved with the moz foundation to integrate a browser 3d viewer/game interface.

But for some reasons that has been lost or abandoned. I think the trick is to develop against WebKit since almost all modern browsers are built upon it.

a video presentation of the Native Client SDK can be found here.

there was an official webplugin for blender
it works very good
years ago I made some money with it :slight_smile: (architect visualization in web)