Discussion around Privacy, consequences for Linux, and other major companies

i think linux will rise in the near future, now that privacy is becoming an issue, and microsoft is collecting data from win10 users.

I myself have my eyes on linux, and intend to swich at some point.


Yeah, the privacy thing got me over as well…

Doubt it. Privacy has been a concern at least for the last 4-5 years and people just brush it off and keep using the product. Google has had privacy concerns since the outset but people still use their services. Facebook has a slew of privacy concerns but a lot of people still use their services. People would rather give up their privacy than be inconvenienced. It’s been proven time and time again as our privacy slowly erodes for convenience. People are not going to give up the benefits of Windows to use Linux. It’s just not going to happen.

Ehh, i dont think so. People use facebook because everyone uses facebook. Once you get to a certain scale, there is no escaping it. Messenger is so universally used that if you want to socialise with people through your phone you basically need it. If someone comes along and makes a new facebook, then take my work, facebook as it stands today will die. Just like Discord took over Skype.

Privacy has been a problem for the last 5 years, sure, but its gotten increasingly more and more attention over the last 10 months. Awareness is growing, and people are taking notes.
I think a lot of people are in the same boat as me, im keeping a close eye on linux, and if i find the right opportunity, then i will swap.

The only things holding me back is the transition, as i’d rather not “start over”. And linux compatibility, which is growing at an alarming rate at this point.

I think I’ve seen a chart on this forum showing the change in Marketshare for the Windows, MacOS, and Linux not too long ago. The truth is Linux is not at all making serious gains (with most of Window’s decrease being for the benefit of MacOS and the ‘other’ category).

Okay, relatively speaking the marketshare doubled, but that’s maybe a increase from just 1 percent to 2 percent. Linux will not be taken seriously unless they can eliminate the remaining cases where you have no choice but to use the console.

They may have only increased by 1%, however, if you plot linux’s growth over time on a chart, dont you think it will look like an exponential curve?

Linux is definitely not going away anytime soon. 99% of all the servers world wide are running Linux. About 100% of the top 500 supercomputers run on Linux. I guess the real test would be who would drop desktop support faster, Microsoft or Linux?

I think we’re exclusively talking about the average user here.

Due to the light weight of linux, of course people with expertise will use it. The thing im curious about is where linux will land in 10 years from now, compared to win10 and osx.
among the average users.

I’m thinking that it will entirely depends on what Microsoft does. It’s acidotal, but I know a lot of people who are fed up with how Microsoft does things, like the auto-updates, etc. They have started to fix some of that, so we will see. :slight_smile:

I guess what I’m saying here is that, for the average Linux user, there isn’t any worry that Linux will not be around for the foreseeable future.

I’m just saying that we have not yet had the mystical “year of Linux” on the desktop yet. The chart may look good for Linux as a whole. The way things are going though, it will take some massively boneheaded decisions by Microsoft to really drive people to it, especially considering that many possible functions in Linux are still not accessible via a GUI.

One of the Linux world’s best hopes right now is Linux Mint, since they are at least concerned about making things easier for the user like their work on a dedicated UI for managing and installing updates (which addresses one of the major weak points which is the elevated ability to accidentally break your computer).

oh for sure, im fed up as all hell at this point.

Windows 7 felt like my copy of the operating system, now it feels like microsoft owns it, and im just a user.

Linux Mint!! :smiley: I have used it for about 3 years now, love it. Before I was using Fedora but it got too bleeding edge for me.


Still using windows 7 on my new ryzen system, should 7 ever become truly unusable I’ll move back to linux where I came from.

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The future for me is to go hybrid.
I have dual boots on desktop and laptop already, next step when i’ve updated my hardware is to run a Win10 Inside a Linux with full hardware passthrough (SATA, USB and GPU)
Why would i want to do that?
Because I’d like to have the best of both worlds. Having a Windows 10 contained inside a Linux gives me access to all tools running on Windows, while having full control over my data. Basically an offline Windows running inside a hardened Linux with web access.


I’m using linux since 2 years now as my main (and only) OS at home. At work I have to use Win10. So that’s where I come from.
In these 2 years I learned like nothing about linux. Because I don’t have to. Except some basics of course, like the various ways of installing software, for example.
Anybody who is able to use a search engine should be able to use linux without it getting in the way.
And, my suggestion about the distro: If you are new, use Ubuntu, or an Ubuntu-derivate.
I’m not saying other distros are bad, but for following reasons:
a) when you have a problem, you are most likely to find an answer on the internet. Written in a way a non-expert can follow it.
b) when a software claims to run on linux, it was usually tested on just a few distros. But most likely Ubuntu was among them.

And finally, a few things that bug me hard about Win10 in comparison:
a) No customizable hotkeys (for example to switch virtual desktops or volume +/-)
b) virtual desktop implementation is … acceptable, but nothing more. (for brevity I spare me the reasons, but pls ask if interested)
c) so many things you want to configure, and then you find things like “download out shiny fix-your-stuff.exe” or “go into registry and follow these easy 13 steps - make a mistake and bye”). In comparison to linux obscure commandline tools… I think it’s a close battle which way is worse (seen as a “user” who wants his OS just to work and look and behave like they want).
I understand experts see a lot of things different, so bare with me :slight_smile:

I’m using antergos which is based on Arch. My wife is using exactly same setup on her laptop.

I’m using “console” because it’s faster, it’s sometimes easier, and for sure it’s a lot more user friendly experience then working with things like simple git, PHP, nodejs environment and most of the things I’m using for front-end development work. It’s just nicer worklfow then Windows. I’m also slowly switching from Adobe to open source alternatives and as for now it’s pretty good experience.

My wife is not using “console” at all and yet she can work as well, with constant updates, installing numerous apps from pacman without any problems. She also love working on Arch.

Now ask yourself “what an avarage user is?” I’ve tried experiment with my mom. She is technologically disabled to put it nicely, and every miss click in front of the pc is alarmed by her screaming “this pc is stupid!”. I’ve installed elementeryOS for her. Never she was happier with experience. LibreOffice (stupid) checked, printer (very stupid) checked and Firefox (sometimes stupid) checked. For her it’s a wonderful os. There are no more problems for me - no malware, spyware, slow downs, milion apps in tray or “breaking pc” by blindly clicking trough options.

I’ve started surveying my friends “what are the needed options in os for you?”. Most of them (not working on pc) said that they need to read the news, use Facebook, sending mails, store photos, write documents, buy stuff, another social media website, watch something, more social media, done. So… It’s mostly browser. Browser with storage space. And when I offered them installing Linux they said hard no. Why is that? Because Linux is for “tech people”.

To summarise this. Linux needs a new brand. Linux is user friendly, but most distros can’t vocalize it. We have elementary which is pretty good for non-tech people, we have antergos which is nice bridge between friendliness and arch power, we have Ubuntu which is… Well I don’t even know what it is now. We need strong Linux brand with a bit of work on consistency.

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“The desktop … means diddly-squat” for most people, since for most people it is merely a terminal. They use it as “a bigger screen,” in order to use “a web browser” exactly as their “less-enlightened” counterparts of two decades ago used “a 3270.” No, nothing much at all has changed.

And so, there is little point in trying to persuade them to exchange one “terminal” for another.

But “privacy” remains a different matter. By and large, people don’t yet seem to be aware of the threats that are now made to it, and though most of them when interviewed don’t seem to perceive an issue.

The way I see it, there are so many points of failure in the chain of custody that involved a users privacy that it’s really hard for me to justify doing much more than throw up my hands and sigh.

The classic privacy/safety tool: a user’s password.

For decades now, end users have been admonished to not use their birthday, or their pet’s name for passwords. We need lowercase, and uppercase and numbers and symbols and at least 12 characters and nothing that could be construed as a dictionary word, and no password more than 6 months old in order for our data to be safe.

And how safe does that make our data when a hacker breaks in and downloads the password database, grabbing millions of 12+character, upper and lower case, symbol laden passwords?

I can have the safest OS in the world, but it’s all meaningless unless the only thing I am trying to keep secure are locally stored files.

If you use the internet, you are not secure, nor are you private.

Rest assured, the most nefarious use of your private data is to try to refine marketing data. The salacious details of your life simply aren’t worth that much.

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PW mannager. Its actually so simple and easy.

im more concerned with the data companies collect.