[Discussion] BGE Treasures! (Android, Playstation, Web, History, more+)

Hi! As some of you may know, I’m a BGE treasure hunter (because it’s fun!) and I decided to open this topic to share some researches, ask for help and find more reliques (and maybe develop something?).

Feel free to share anything about BGE you’ve found so far. :slight_smile:

So I’d like to start by pointing out some old ports and asking for help to get them working again (some websites are already down).

By the way, Dalai Felinto and Mike Pan are good resources for it. Here is the old dalai blog:

And here is what I found already:

BGE had a Web port:

Image Source: http://www.dalaifelinto.com/?p=493

It’s a web plugin called Burster. Unfortunately the website is down:

I also found an old (2012) topic about it here:

And this may be helpful as well:

I need help reviving this one for sure! :slight_smile:

BGE had an Android port:

This one is pretty popular and there is even some tutorials about it. Also found this video in Dalai’s website:

BGE had a Playstation 1 port:

Again, from Dalai’s youtube channel. I don’t think this one is open sourced but I may (and I hope so) be wrong.

BGE had a VR port:

From Dalai’s website, again:

And finally, as an extra…

Blender was intended to set standards for interactive 3D!

Here is an old commercial, back in the days where blender was borning (from Not a Number):

And this channel is a NeoGeo, NaN, Blender gold mine:

Have fun!


Thank you for digging out all that gems. :gem:

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Hi in bge had addon blend for web - this is addon get create projects for 3D web, i remember russian project “the tale of Pyatigora”, I do not know if this addon works now but maybe my information help for you find this addon and use. I believe that it is only necessary to look at the work of the user martinsh which he did on the old versions of blender and bge and you can easily confuse the render with some other game engine since everything is done very well, and its lighting of the stage’s surroundings is simply mesmerizing

Blend4Web is relatively unrelated to the Blender Game Engine. It was created to work with Blender 3D, not its game engine.

but the game project on it was for working through the web and some of the presentations of his work game were the same

True, but if we included every game engine that was related to Blender 3D we would need to include Armory 3D, and UPBGE, and dare I say, Burster 3D, along with many others.

but blend4web is more of a plugin or addon to expand the capabilities of BGE, since it allows you to choose which game engine to use - bge or blendforweb, Armory 3D and UPBGE are forks of the blender engine, and Burster3D is a plugin, especially since it is mentioned by the author of this post

Blend4Web and Armory 3D both have internal add-ons` for Blender plus external standalone executables!
Burster 3D uses modified Blenderplayer source code! So does UPBGE!

The reason I am stating all of this is… I do not believe Blend4Web belong in the “BGE” category, as Blend4Web and Armory 3D do not even share any of the source code for that particular engine. (BGE engine)

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maybe you are right, but are there many such plugins or addons that allow you to use BGE for a web game? I believe that BGE and the plugins and addons written for it are something unique and it makes no sense to divide them into other engines and even more so to consider something that is not worthy of attention, and the technical organization of these plugins is another question and if you separate them it turns out that there are not very many plugins and addons for BGE

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