Discussion: Cycles vs Yafaray

Does Blender Needs Yafaray anymore when it got cycles? I didn’t use Yafaray yet though.
I’ve read that Yafaray does only CPU rendering and thus takes too much time. Is it worthy?

First, go try Yafaray. Why even start a discussion when you can’t even contribute to it?
After that use the forum search on the hundreds of discussion just like the one you want to start.

Do you need more than one kind of pants? Unisize, unicolor, unisex pants would suffice no?
Why build different cars? One would be enough…

Does Blender need Luxrender? Blender Internal? Indigo? Octane? Vray? 3Delight? Thea? Any renderer?
Maybe you don’t need any of them, but various artists need various renderers for different projects.

Simple answer: yes.

Yafaray is still very good at ie. indoor renderings for architecture because it relies on effective techniques that Brecht does not prioritize in Cycles as cycles is targeted animation.
And the things the team is working on for 0.13 are very nice! Irradiance Caching for example…

Yeah exactly, I’m just asking where are the actual differences?

It would be nice for external renderers to have a level p laying field for integration. …

Materials are main issue with yaf so far.

[QUOTE=EscapedNight;2269806]Does Blender Needs Yafaray anymore when it got cycles? /QUOTE]

The question is not if Blender needs a certain render engine but if YOU do. There is no one size fit all when it comes to render engines. The same thing applies to 3d software. You use blender others use MAYA some use MODO.

It depends on your scene. In my case I used Cycles for most scenes. But when it comes to interior scenes and especially with limited lighting setups, Yafaray is your friend.

Hmm yes, are the Yafaray and Luxrender teams still having trouble with proper integration?

More just waiting for pynodes to arrive. (Although the code in luxblend that updates the render progress bar seems to be broken again, and I don’t know why. >:( )

YafaRay has got many possibilities but we have real problems to keep a stable development pace. Even so and after such a hard competition from many good engines in the last years, YafaRay still keeps a respectable community of users, which is maybe an indication of many other facts, at least for still works. All photon mapping techniques should be refined and finished so users can really profit from their flexibility and keep at the same time the consistency photon mapping provides at least in still works.

Flexibility at algorithms level and simplicity will remain key for Yafaray future. Luxrender codebase is better prepared to get new developers involved because it is better structured and documented. Any way you should really install all three open render engines and work with them. User have the last say about which one is better for them.

Nodes support and progressive rendering as implemented in cycles will help yafaray and lux render a lot. User training is also very important.

YafaRay is great, and if you are worrying about how fast the render goes, you’re missing a huge point…how good the render looks. Crap is crap no matter how fast it renders.

Yafaray is good… but…
the developement speed is really unterground…

and last days i did a test…
and for me mitsuba beat all (good quality in less time)… BI, cycles, yafaray, luxrender, SLG…
but i like all renderer