Discussion/feedback: Add a Thing


you might have seen the thread Add a Thing - outdoor environment.
It is still open and you can contribute ;).

With this thread I want to start a discussion, what can be approved with such threads.

  • Maybe you want to contribute, but you feel you can’t (e.g. to much rules, to complicated).
  • Maybe you contributed (or started to do so) you might found some obstacles, something that makes it hard for you or you just don’t like, or you think that was easy.
    Positive and negative feedbacks are welcome. Both will make future “Add a thing”- threads better.

Here are some points mentioned already:


  • Does the prop/item need to be static or can it have animation/scripting attached to it?
  • I am planing to make a little helicopter (chopper) so we can fly around. Is it ok to make things like that, i mean scripts ?
  • Are the rules to much?
  • to restrictive?
  • Is something missing?
  • Should there be a discussion about the rules first, or one decides and that’s it?
  • Should it be possible to change the rules inbetween?


  • Perhaps this could even be evolved into a blender based ‘s cribblenauts’ game?
    I think the main purpose should be:
    Have fun to contribute
    There can be more purposes (e.g. usable for tutorial(s), content of a game).

What do you think, should such purpose be announced before the “contest” starts?

Thread organization

  • I think you should always put the latest update in the first post so we don’t have to search.
    What do you think, how the Add a Thing - outdoor environment looks like?
  • Is the thread understandable?
  • Should each update contain a preview picture?
  • Should there be a side thread for discussions (which means the main thread contains contributions only)?
  • Should there be a side thread for the rules as they look large right now?
  • Do I write to much?
  • Would you mind to download multiple files to get the BGE running (a scene file, content files, separate texture files etc.) ?

How to contribute

  • Could patch be used instead to keep the file updated?
  • Maybe just create an SVN project, community adds their objects to their own blend files in their own directory, and then update a Main.blend file in the root directory?
    I have to say, I have now idea how patching a single blend file could go. Are there any suggestions?

Does anyone know if merging blend files with SVN is easy or not?
As far as I know it is easy for text files, but hard for binary files.

File organization
Currently it is one file, multiple scenes (as content holder) with one demo scene.

  • Is this fine?

  • to much?

  • to less?

  • Any suggestions?