Discussion for genre-guide sticky.

This is the discussion thread for this sticky about how to work on various genre games. Here is where you can suggest changes or additions to that thread.

The first addition you should put in your thread is a link to Social’s FPS template.

Thanks Dakka Dakka, but it’s already there.

How come no one wants to make an RTS? :wink:

Anyway Plantperson, that thread is a great idea. I would have found it highly useful back when I was a n00b.

I wondered that myself while I was putting the thread together. I’m actually planning out a sort of an RTS that I’m thinking of doing after Zark is done. It’ll be sort of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space + Sim City with a Wild West flavor. :yes:

I love the idea! great sticky!
We get a lot of people looking for that knowlage :smiley:

while you guys are doing stickies,
a generic tutorial list thread would be nice… just a link bucket full of every game engine tutorial submitted to the game engine thread.

That should save people time searching (just press control F in most browsers), and would be a nice place for new people to quickly browse before posting.

would also be nice for tutorial authors! we dont have to worry about our hard work getting burried under all the “omg! my charictor rig just explodes when I start the game” threads .

Thanks Dakka Dakka, but it’s already there.
Oh really, sorry then. I didn’t see it. I think an RTS would be a difficult sort of game to make, right up there with RPG and FPS, but the graphics would be much easier to do, since you always see it from above. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be all that hard, yo u could use Mmph’s bot tutorial to make path finding and programme the enemy. And the rest is just a lot of variables. You’d put buildings on 1 layer, and units on another.

If you need any help putting your RTS, you know terrain modeling objects etc. I’ll help.

Do you have a link to Mmph’s bot tutorials?

just a link bucket full of every game engine tutorial submitted to the game engine thread

We do have something like this, but it’s getting overly crowded. They should make it locked, so only moderators can post in there. And only have 1 post to worry about. Just PM the mod if you want something on there and give a link or something.

Yeah, cleanup of tutorials and other stickies is coming soon on my list. I’m waiting for Goofster to set up our new boards first.

i know this is off topic but what are the new boards gonna be?

and i don’t know what else would be in that sticky… since FPS and RPG and MMORPG are the most requested games that new people like to make

maybe a racing game or something
i saw like a tutorial a while ago on making the bots for that kind of game and they could use the bullet physics car template or something

Like I said, I think Mmph’s bot template should be on the sticky.

When can we expect to see these new fabled boards?

We’re just waiting for Goofster to set them up, and supposedly they’ll be around pretty soon.

I’ll add the bot template to the thread, good idea.

I’m also thinking about adding a condensed version of my brief tirade from this thread. I truly believe that determination is the main reason that games succeed or fail, I don’t know if others agree with me though. If you agree, I think some words to that effect might do well in that thread.

Here’s the original soliloquy:

…most people lack the capacity to make an entire RPG. There’s simply too much content to be created, and it quickly overwhelms most independent amateur game makers. I respect your RPG project, and I’m glad that you’re attempting something so audacious. Pushing the envelope is good, but an RPG is not something I would recommend that most people try, especially not to someone who seems to have practically no knowledge whatsoever of the GE itself.

Similarly my large adventure games are actually a terrible idea for the game engine, one which I would never recommend to most people, but with enough determination I’ve been moderately successful with them.

This is also, it should be mentioned, the reason that causes most game projects either to succeed or fail. The success of your project depends on your desire to see the game be completed and finished, and there will be times when it becomes difficult and abandoning it sounds very nice indeed. The games that succeed will be the ones that the creators really, really want to see finished. On the other hand, games that are started under circumstances such as “I’m bored, I think I’ll go to my room and make the next Halo” are doomed to speedy failure. Do you want to make a game? Are you sure?

Because you’re the only one who can decide if your project will succeed.