Discussion: Next BAC (#4)..!

Please post here any insight about the Next BAC. Either general discussion or comments about the rigs to be used.
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I still don’t get it. A couple of us think restricting rigging is unnecessary handicapping – this doesn’t make sense?

Okay :frowning:

I’d like to test it first before going into a BAC with it. Can I? :slight_smile:

Considering how low participation was before we started introducing base files and premade rigs I think we are on a good path. Lack of experience is one of the reasons we have these constraints and we want to focus more on the animation part.

If you want a special rig I suggest to create a base file send it to me (mailtolanger (at) googlemail (dot) com) and we can see if we are able to introduce it in one of the BACs.
If you do not agree with these points I suggest to create another challenge and free up the rulez as you see fit. This is not intended as a pun or to sound mean but as stated above experience tells us that this is the right way to proceed and there are other contests that are more open and free. (e.g. 11 second club)

I think we need to take into account that a lot of the members on this forum and a lot of the blender users do not have the exprience and skill level to actually create new rigs or decide upon a good one and four weeks of time are in no way enough for an inexperienced user to come to par with picking a rig or creating a new one. Just my 2cts.

I agree with musk.

I believe the idea here is to see how far we get from the same starting point. It also helps us to improve our stuff by seeing what other guys did with the same stuff.

(this is a google translation)

For my part, I made a new rig for a future contest, this is a dog (his name is ‘Moutarde’) with a ball :

The dog and the ball are rigged, and the dog can catch the ball in his mouth (with a 'child of" constraint and a shapekey to deform the ball)

Tell me what do you think of ‘Moutarde’.
(I know I have to win the BAC#4 if I want to choose the basefile for BAC#5 :yes::yes:)


Don’t you worry Kioopa, I’ve already voting for you on this coming chalenge. That way we can have the doggie and ball


Hmm… animating a dog is no trivial task… so bring it on!

Hi Kiopaa,

cool looking really interesting, if you do not mind and if it is ok I would add this rig to the BAC repository on github.com (but only if you have a license text on the file in order to protect your rights ) If you agree send me the file to mailtolanger [email protected] googlemail -dot- com and I will add it. Maybe one of the winners doesn’t want to create their own basefile or chooses yours. That way we can use it even if you do not win :).
You allready proofed that you know how to design working rigs so I think this would be a perfect addition.


The rig looks interesting…My only suggestion is that four legs armatures are less intuitive to animate than two legs rig. But still an option…I would have loved to include it into the Poll.

@Musk : I’ve sent you an email with the rig of my dog, did you receive it ?

I’ve received it but since I’ve been gone for the weekend I haven’t had time to look at it yet