Discussion: Realtime Reflection - Possible Method?

Hey there guys…

Today while searching for a possible way to get realtime reflections in blender (specially on curved surfaces) I found this awesome feature of blender(2.6x) “Dome Camera” (Properties Window: Render>Stereo>Dome>Cubemap) which had an option for cubemap rendering in realtime…
Like this:

Another great thing is that it has an option of “render resolution” which means we can reduce its memory usage.
If we combine this with “render to texture” we can easily get a realtime updating cubemap.
but the problem is - this is actually a feature of the scene and not the camera… so if you turn this on, all the cameras in the scene render cubemaps.:frowning:

I have attached a test blend.

If somone here can carry this experiment further to get realtime reflections working… PLEASE DO!! any other suggestions to achieve the same are most welcomed.:slight_smile:


Cubemap Test.blend (517 KB)

@carlo697 Yes I am aware of these two methods but they dont work well on curved surfaces… like on Vehicles. Sorry i dint mention it… edited

@martin.hedin - :eek: hmm I had never checked your blog bookmarked :slight_smile: . Amazing!! using 6 cameras is smart but can you reduce the resolution of the rendered texture to improve performance?
Ill surely experiment with it for some time and see if it helps me. Sigh i soo wanted this dome feature to be used for cubemaps :evilgrin:

@martin.hedin :eek: Lol! sorry My bad… Ill PM martinsh and ask him about this… :o

Also, this might interest you:


@martin.hedin - Wow… I really like the size of the code in that one… Looks like a good workaround…

Well, the method in post #4 is IMHO the way to go.
I once asked Martinsh if he could do it the way it’s done there. I don’t know if he had the idea even without my asking, but the thing is it works very nicely. You now need a way to change the textures dynamically to have local reflections for different objects. if you parent the cameras to the sphere and move it about, you’ll have realtime reflections.

I get 6fps in this demo on a pretty beefy machine. Might it be an AMD problem?