Discussions and suggestions for the "stickies"

Hello all,

this thread is opened for any discussion regarding stickies.

Alternatively you can contact me or any other moderator for updates.
If you think a thread is worth to be within the stickies threads, please report that thread (little triangle left/below the top post). Please mention you want it listed in this thread.

Please feel free to tell you opinion

Can we have a sticky for up to date 2.6 documentation?


Very good idea … added
Thank you

If you need any help with proof reading - let me know

Monster, forgive me if I’m wrong, but was one of my threads not included in the official page at one point!?

Hi agoose77,

which one are you referring to?
I hope I did not lost anything.


Saving, and selling and sharing your blender games

reopened … it closes automatically after a year if there are no posts ;).

How about a sticky for Tutorials for Blender 3D websight.I think it would be nice to have stickies for a number of websights that help with programming in the blender game engine.

Tutorials for blender is more a resource.

It is mentioned in the tutorial collection thread. Unfortunately it is not updated since ages (the thread, not the tutorial).
It is also mentioned in the Wiki (which is linked from all stickies too) as top tutorial.

I know it is somehow hidden. What do you think, do you think it should be mentioned explicit in the stickies?

I think it should be put in a sticky, because they updated there websight for blender 2.6.All you have to do is click on their home page.

Blenderplayer for android- like what works what doesn’t- how to find it, that kind of thing.

Sorry I need real links.

Monster- I also think Tutorials for Blender should be a sticky, or mentioned somewhere. Its a great starting point for experimenting with Python scripts as it has code examples- when I started with Python it helped me a great deal.

I thing each forum should have a ‘highlights’ thread.

In resources this will contain:

In the Finished game thread this will contain:

  • Links to Notable finished games (Like dead cyborg, swap and so on)
  • Advice on how to finish games (maybe better in WIP)

In the WIP forums, I like the ‘Screenshot extra extra’ thread. If only it waw possible to sort that particular thread in opposite order, or in some other way have recent posts easily visible (maybe posts self-delete after a month or so.) I’m not too familiar with phpBB, so I’ve no idea if either of those are possible.

In the Support and Discussion Forum:

  • Links to frequent questions asked and answered
  • Link to resources forum :stuck_out_tongue:

And so on.

If these highlight threads are good enough, then people may start referring to them before asking/looking elsewhere.

But the fact is that few people look at sticky threads, they rapidly become ‘part of the landscape.’

No worry I’m open for suggestions.

Please keep in mind:

  • as few stickies as possible.
  • someone needs to maintain them. I would like them as a wiki page. This way everybody could add content. It looks like the current pages are ignored or at least not updated. Threads are bound to the owner and the moderators. Unfortunately this is the biggest problem of the stickies.

I think there should be a sticky that has all the answers to all those really basic questions that keep being asked lately, maybe like a Commonly Asked Questions thread or something.

That is a lot of work. Like Monster said, that sort of thing would work very well on a wiki where everyone could help maintain it, but it would probably become outdated very quickly on a forum where only one person is keeping it up to date.