Discworld death

Hi, this is my entry for one contest. I´m still working on the scene - this is only “small crop” from the image. Hope you will like it :).


Looks really good! The skull seems a little low inside the hood though - making the hood look like it’s floating a bit.

Nicely stylized deaths-head. To my eye, his eye sockets need to be darker. It almost looks as though they are filled by translucent lenses about half an inch back from the ridge of the sockets.
As a fan of the Discworld books, I feel compelled to ask; is his scythe going to fill part of the black space in the upper half of the composition?

i havn´t read the book but the nose is kinda weird… everything else is cartoonish… so the nose is kinda out of place…
everything else looks great!
post the full image

Thank you for comments. I ´m still working on the image and i hope i will post the whole scene here soon :).

ben : I know about this, i made the hood purposely according this picture http://blog.allcreaturesrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/death-discworld.jpg
(in whole image the death should have quite funny “look” like in the image below :slight_smile: )

callmeishmael, Efrajim : thanks, i will try to solve this in final version