Diseño de escaparate para el Corte Inglés la Magdalena, Madrid, 2015

Here a sample of application of a real production, first previewed on blenderEscaparate_ECI_2015-v4-b4w.html.zip (1.63 MB)
Una aplicación formidable de esta aplicación es la visualización previa del montaje de escaparates.

Escaparate_ECI_2015-v4-b4w.html.zip (1.63 MB)

Well done! A good 3D effect is achieved with Anaglyph lenses.
How do you convert blender scene into that html thing to see in browser?

in order to convert a Blender file to HTML to see in browser, I use an addon called Blend4web. Visit https://www.blend4web.com/
(Mac, PC, and … Yes!, It also run in Linux)
There is few tutorials to learn “how to”, take a look, is a Addon very useful.
Also support for animation!!
Nenuco_GIF_HTML.zip (1.21 MB)


I used an ADDON called Blend4Web ( visit: https://www.blend4web.com )
It runs on all platforms: Mac, PC, Linux, and also have support for animation, interactivity …
Jus try it
Be patient, English is not my language (I’m Spanish).

Thanks for the information, Alberto!