Playing with expressions~
Based on the idea of a runaway getting caught…

Higher res and other stuff here~

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cool ,awesome bro.
every thing is cool modeling lighting texturing and shading except the smile
can u share the hair making bro? it would be awesome to create such one:)

nice though the lighting seems to take away from it.

The grin does seem a little “off” (just a bit too wide for not scrunching up the cheeks) but it’s very well done! The jacket looks very detailed. Speaking of detail, what are you using for the hair?

This artwork seems great! Have you started from a sculpture or did modeling by sketching?

Oh woah…I didn’t expect this one to be here!
Thanks for your comments and critiques! Yes…I agree the smile is kind of off. I was aiming for an awkward smile, but I probably need to get more references next time…

@AfroCenTech - Thanks! I know my lighting can be a bit of a hit and miss…I would be grateful if you could elaborate more about it!

@const - Thank you! I didn’t sketch out the character, but I did sculpt with dyntopo first and then retopologize and tweak the mesh after~

@islara1, @Philsco - Thanks guys~ I used particles for the hair. Typically I break up the hair into different particle systems, so in this case there are three - one for the fringe, one for the back, and one for a few stray, messier strands. I don’t have that many parent hairs (100 in the back, 30 in the fringe, and around 10 stray strands), which makes laying out each strand by hand more manageable, and each parent has a couple hundred children. I turn up the clump quite high to get the pointiness in the strands, but to prevent it from looking too uniform, I also turn up the randomness a fair bit. To stop the hair from looking too frizzy and wild though, I also turn up the threshold factor so about half the strands aren’t affected by the randomness. I’m not sure if sharing the exact values in the settings is going to be much help though, since I think the scale of my model is off :stuck_out_tongue:

Her smile shouldbe the only source of light :wink:

I’ll be honest here. This is okay but not good enough for the top row in my opinion.
The pose is broken (the arm goes inside the body), the lighting burns the image, the cloth is strangely distorted, the hand looks a bit strange, the eyelashes are messy, the eye veins are black and the second image is in the uncanny valley. Looking at your previous work you’ve done better.

I think it hit the top not because of its lack of technical flaws, but because this little pixie exudes charm and personality. And yeah, the lighting is bright … but the effect is to make the image appear stylized. Which is okay.

I really like the way the skin looks. It’s like a combination of Disney and anime characters.

@michalzisman - Hahaha! :smiley:

@ChameleonScales - Thanks, I appreciate the critique! Honestly, I was really surprised when I saw this one in the top row as well, since it was just a fun little project for me to experiment with expressions and add a little story to the character. I agree that there are lots of things to fix up, and I’ll be sure to heed your advice in my next work!

@sundialsvc4 - Aww, thank you!

@boruland - Thanks, boruland!

Looks great technically, all the textures are phenomenal and the sculpt is solid, but there’s a lot of little things that let it down. The grin/smile looks very strange and takes away from the believability of the character. Also, the eyes look really veiny and I don’t think there is any reason that they should be, but that’s more an issue of personal taste :slight_smile:

It is particularly visible under the chin that the number of sample is too low, so increase them or use some kind of software to clean that up.

Also the finger is doing the whole “ET thing” and looks kind of unnatural.

Great work! And people…this is anime. Just saying…

@Charlie A - Thanks Charlie! Yeah… I do need more practise with expressions. And looking at it now, the finger does seem really unnatural…it’s not relaxed at all. I appreciate the detailed critique!
@dnstech1973 - Ahaha thank you!

Not sure why her eyes look crackly…she should get that checked!

Otherwise, I really like the overwrought expressions. Overacting is important, especially in stuff for kids.

I was making a stop-motion promo short using dolls for my new product, and realized I would love the dolls to have facial expressions.

The bodies would not need to move much at all as long as they gave good face.

I have fun with Blender, have made some silly stuff, but I cannot figure out rigging. Actually, I made my trademark symbol and packaging design for my product with Blender, it is so useful.

So…do you Blender for pay? I need stuff done.

Nice modeling. Her hair seems a little too sharp? if that is the right term? The emotion in the first picture is very good I would say. She definitely looks like she was caught.