Disgusting Ball

Made especially for this thread.
C&C are very welcome. :slight_smile:

Really does look disgusting, good job on the texturing.

haha, it seems a couple of us enjoyed that thread so much, we put them here ! i really think that forums like this really help noobs like me(and whoever else)

i could never imagine a month ago i would be modeling the stuff i do no…geez, and just to think about the future !

waits for 2.35

But really I take it as an insult, it’s probably a clever reply to what you think of my crappy images


And for the render, mainly I would adjust the lighting. Soften the shadows. Maybe take more time to work on an enviroment.

really man…i wasn’t even refering to you. please, don’t mess with other peoples threads…


sorry, dude

If you don’t like what Kansas_15 is doing, go to here and make your opinion known:



wait…i thought those were just testing builds…gets extremely confused[/quote]

I never said that, what are you talking about…lol