Disintegration with Fluid and Particles with blender 2.54

Hi !

I’m new in the forum and it’s my firts tread. I have 9years of experience and work with XSI and Maya ( mentalray , renderman or 3Delight for the renderer). I’m learn Blender at home when I have some time because I’m impressed how many thing blender can do for free. Now i’m working on a project with a friend and start some R&D of disintegration ( bloody ). I have not a lot of time with my job and the family but two or tree hours per week I lauch some simulation and render on my poor computer. I want to share you my first tests and all comments and/or suggestions is welcome.

As you can see , I have a couple of problems with the way I do that for the first test and with the particle in 2.54 for the others. Read the description of the videos and sorry for my poor english. A link of the blend files is available in the video description too.

That’s some fine tests you conducted!

Thanks a lot.
Hope I find a way to fix bugs particles and tweaks the look to make something beautiful for my project.