disk type particle emmited from faces in many different directions.

Can anyone suggest a way to set up the emitter so that a group of particles (all of them look like slightly broken or cracked dishes) - from faces that are heading in to many directions.

I know i can adjust the ‘point’ in edit mode, and did that so it is off to the bottom of the dish, yet some of them when they are emmited from faces that are heading Left or right, they will emmit from the edge of the object and not the bottom.


Even if you use a vertex group to control where they emit, it will spill over into the next adjacent faces. You have a few options.

  1. Add a tight loop cut just outside the vertex group to tighten it up.

  2. Duplicate the faces you want it to emit from. select and shift d
    Hit P ‘selection’ to make it a separate object.
    tab into object mode
    a to deselect all, select the new object (right on top of the original)
    set up your emitter how you want, (and remove it from the original object)
    in the particle system, uncheck ‘emitter’ so that it will not render and give z fighting issues.

THANKS MAN! That worked perfectly for my project!

Really appreciate the fast reply too. I struggled for a few hours trying different things getting the wrong effect!

Thanks again.