Dismemberment- team project

Hi all, Burningsniper here with a very odd team thread. since my current game is at a halt right now (contemplating using 2.5 instead of 2.49) ive decided to make a 2.5 game with the following:

  1. one level
  2. glsl
  3. third-person character
  4. 3 weapons
  5. 3 combat moves
  6. one fully destructible vehicle
  7. 20 fully dismember-able zombies

what i mean by dismember for some of you who dont know, is fully tearing the body apart like in fallout 3.
this is more of a test rather than a game, its to show the capabilities of the game engine, and to appease the more blood-and-gore hungry crowds like myself. using bullet physics and other delicious things, we will be making a bloodthirsty man get his fill on ripping apart zombies.

weapons: a shotgun with spread and single shot. chainsaw. minigun ^^

i g2g but ill add more later. oh, and the car will have 4wd coughrunoverzombiescough

comments are greatly appreciated