Disney Adaptive Rendering with Linear Predictions

I think this would be a great help for Cycles to come up with a much cleaner image in less time.

There’s already an adaptive sampler that has been developed for Cycles, however the developer isn’t having any luck in getting the Cycles devs to allow it into master.

Lukas’ patch hasn’t been explicitly rejected though (the task is still open), just that Sergey has very little time right now to do tracker work which includes patch review (OpenSubDiv, SIGGRAPH, ect…).

Something as big as adaptive sampling often needs multiple rounds, which means it takes a lot more time than a simpler patch. It’s also something that you can’t just assign to anyone, but only to those who really know how the code works. Lukas by the way also doesn’t have much time to address Sergey’s points, so a major part of it is lack of time.

this technique from disney is looks like a really good mix of quality and speed

wow! a denoiser presentation with video!