Disney Animation Production Datasets

Disney released Datasets from original production content.
Someone might be interested to take a look:


Now, we can expect a Cycles render of the cloud from OpenVDB branch.

Like this? :wink:


If anyone has a good method of automating baking Ptex easily let me know.

A bit a bummer about those textures in these assets.

Some fun related reading: http://pharr.org/matt/blog/2018/07/08/moana-island-pbrt-1.html

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I was thinking of something more like this.

It tried to repoduce mitsuba scene. But it is an Yup (I did not succeed to find correct Sun orientation)and camera have an offset in Z (difficult to translate in Blender).
Scene is at a big scale. I had difficulties with Volume shader settings that I had to reduce a lot.
I did not succeed to obtain something as cool as Hyperion render where albedo gives a really great feeling.
And render is so long that I used denoiser that simply erased cloud on some tiles.

That is not a great render but, at least, there is no doubt that is the same cloud.

The Hyperion renders use 1000 or more volume bounces to get a realistic looking cloud. It’s not as easy as it looks :slight_smile:

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