Disney buying out Star Wars

Ok, everyone out there new that they would see this eventually. What are your thoughts on it? I opened the iOS app store today and saw Angry Birds: Star wars, which in my opinion, is an all time low. And the new movies are going to be terrible, but we will all still buy them and watch them, and then Disney wins.

The angry birds starwars thing actually made me laugh hysterically.

You don’t know they will be terrible! Disney makes great movies : Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, etc. I can’t wait to see what they come up with :smiley: I don’t see why Disney would buy Lucasfilm for 4 billion and not make a great/good movie.

It depends on what “great” means. If it’s how much money it makes, then the SW prequels are awesome. :evilgrin: :no:

Personally I couldn’t care less about Star Wars. I’ve watched and played it so much I’m sick of it. Now gimme a movie based on Mass Effect…

In next Star Wars movie we will see mouses and rats in the spaceships.



I agree, it seemed so wrong i had to buy it instantly. (probably a bad idea)

Yeah, until they release the ending in DLC.

About the star wars thing. Stop talking doom & gloom, Disney is going to stay true to the star wars universe for as much as the fans would care. They’re still involving Lucas in the conceptual phase of the story, and for all you should care that’s good enough. He hadn’t been on a good movie spree anyways.

Thats multiple endings in DLC :smiley:

Anyway, Disney paid 4 billion for the franchise, which means they will need to milk the cow very hard until they cover the deficit and start earning with it. That usually means bad movies, not oriented toward telling a good story, but toward selling lots of byproduct merchandise, like videogames, toys & lightsaber toilet plungers…

I wouldn’t keep my hopes high for this one.

I’m not sure I understand what people are complaining about. When the movies eventually are made, will there be a guy with a gun to your head, forcing you to watch them?

Simply put, if you don’t like the stuff someone makes, don’t buy/watch it.

“Sister! You have a sister!” :stuck_out_tongue:

That picture almost made me belt out with laughter! :smiley: