Disney new rendering technique

This could be interesting for Cycles next year.

Could this actually work outside of volumes as well, it looks to me like it could allow noise reduction in complex scenes to be cut in half or more.

If DingTo resumes his volume rendering project, than this for sure would be a must have sampling technique.

Sounds promising, let’s wait for the paper. :slight_smile:

DingTo, here is the paper:


Nice math inside :D, mib.

I was so pleasantly surprised by that article’s accuracy when describing the science behind volume rendering. io9 is usually pretty awful when reporting on anything beyond Sci-Fi.

Oh I missed the link, thanks.

@dingto, will you be working on texture volumes too, or is someone else doing that?

Do you mean the work that has been done by Rafael? We hope to merge the volume render code with his work (which implements the OpenVDB library) and then add a Voxel texture for Smoke etc. Who will exactly work on which part is not clear yet.

If Rafael was the gsoc student then yes. I was under the impression that he didn’t quite finish but was still continuing, but I hadn’t heard much about it since.

Brecht seems to have taken on other responsibilities outside of cycles, so I don’t know if tasks have been assigned to other devs, and after your response, it seems they haven’t.

anyway, good luck to you :slight_smile: