Disneyland in 3D

EDIT: The contents of this post have been removed, sorry!

Holy S@#%. Massive project.
Honor to take first post.
So, this is just for fun?
What can I say.

Damn, now I gotta start from scratch…my self esteem that is.:frowning:

Where do you people find the time to do these projects…I’ve been working on a project for like six months now with about 1/100 the complexity. One word… R E S P E C T

You know why I love this forum? For every twenty “goblin/monster” head posts there’s something like this. No one can ever say Blender users aren’t ambitious or talented.

Holy smoke, that is already looking fine there!
Keep it up, no real comments.

damn nice. How detailed are you going to get it?

Wow, is this the result of an unsatisfying childhood because you didn’t have enough lego bricks to do such a project?
Respect from me, too. It’s a great project and btw: I love the house model!
Will you try to model all buildings and rides as detailed as it? You must be insane :wink:

omfg this is so great!

this project is geared towards the ongoing creation of a model

and how nice would it look on middle-distance view WITH textures
YMMD thaut´s what i call endurance!!!

How do you know what the inside of the buildings look like? This is a truly amazing project, I hope you don’t quit!

wow, I hope you go through with this. IT would be amazing for a walkthrough, then you could sell it to disney for money…

I always thought it would be a great idea for Disney to have some kind of thing they could rent out to people in the park, like a GPS map. I have been their (the one in Florida anyway, but Magic Kingdom is pretty similar to the one in Cali) 4 times and still see new things everytime I go. This would be a perfect piece to use with the GPS. Have this as an interactive 3D map showing where you are and giving you tips and such (like those Mickey dolls they sell in the park that tell you when parades start and such). Once you get far enough, I would seriously try and get ahold of them and see if they are interested in your models. :smiley:

Thanks, guys!

I have been their (the one in Florida anyway, but Magic Kingdom is pretty similar to the one in Cali) 4 times and still see new things everytime I go.

They’re definitely built around a similar design, with many rides shared between the two places, but don’t think that seeing one makes seeing the other unnecessary. Each park offers a lot that the other doesn’t, and many Disney World fans are pleasantly surprised when they visit the Magic Kingdom’s smaller, older cousin in California. =D

truly amazing!!! keep it up! And well said, at times, the job of modelling is pure fun in itself, even if not aimed at an eventual render.

They’d probably sue him for making it without their permission and just take it! :eek:

But seriously, this is pretty Damn awesome.

Where’s the Small World exhibit? I want to blow that one up. It’s been ten friggin years and that song is STILL stuck in my head.

ps-truly amazing work and dedication.

Those little kids scare the crap outta me.

Just wanted to give this a little bump, just in case anyone has any tips, crits, or suggestions. :slight_smile:

You gonna do Disney California Adventure too?

Anyway, you should make the trees and the objects still in the flat texture 3D as well.

You gonna do Disney California Adventure too?

Probably not. DCA intrigues me far less–there’s cool stuff within its gates, but not nearly as much, IMO. Disneyland itself offers limitless opportunities for learning about backstage stuff you’d never guess.

Omfg that is awesome, nice work.

Thats extremely impressive, Keep it up!