Disney's "Frozen" Ice Palace v2.0

Hi all! I made this, and I want your help guys with materials (of columns and their frames especially) and some advices from you to make this scene 99,99% of the original one :wink:

In my post below (#4) you’ll see high res image and one more (1st person view)

WOW. This is so awesome! I think, this is 100% original!

I made my own interpretation of it at one point, looked pretty cool. Ice is fun :smiley:

2 days took me to model outdoor palace. I’m going to model mountain (this is only basic mesh that let me show you my work here) and finish outdoor in next days. And I hope, I’ll finish whole project in next months :slight_smile: (If anyone has been ever thinking about height of this thing… it’s almost 300 meters)
What do you think?

Looking good!

render time?

It’s simple as hell AO pass :slight_smile: Around 7-10 minutes for high res.