Disney's New Tinkebell DVD

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet IMHO it’s a must-see. There is a version up on You tube in 8 parts starting here;

In what kind of way is this blender related? Ô.o

They did the water with blender fluids simulation. Look at the monitor at the background in this video interview with the special effects director.

Thanks for the tip!

My mistake. I thought Blender was animation oriented software. I guess I’ll have to stop using it that way.

That’s a good understanding since you missed the fact that blender is a pure python text editor :wink:

Oooh, I hate you so much for that :RocknRoll:

Woah…Got me :mad:

On topic : I think that it’s looking very good…the style of the old 2D movies has been preserved. Now for the story, i’ll have to watch it entirely !

what i’m wondering is, how it can be on youtube? disney doesn’t mind having full movies there now?


Youtube, Shmootube…
Here in Belgium, we were able to watch the entire thing on TV (channel VTM) yesterday afternoon
I couldn’t believe it at first that a movie they are now promoting like mad in shops, magazines, bus stops, EVERYWHERE, was already on TV! Of course, we got the crummy dubbed version but even so…
As for the film itself, it was a bit too cutesy for me although the color palette was very pleasing to my eyes…

No Disney magic to be found…

Yada, yada. You poop head. :mad: