displace doesn't work

hi !

i’m using the last version of blender. i tryied to make a cloud with the cloud generator but it doesn’t work. i’ve an error message.
so i’m trying another way which using displace modifier but when i click on “new texture” nothing happens (pictures before clicking new and after)

but in the tutorial the sphere is completely morphing. (the tutorial1min19)

 (tutorial result)

what i’ve done :

create box
subdivision => view : 2 => apply
subdivision => view 2 // displace => texture : new

thanks for your help =X

Version 2.78 is significantly newer than the Blender version used for the tutorial…
Blender sometimes changes quite dramatically between versions and in this case the defaults for the Displace modifier have: It now defaults to an image texture. And since you did not define one, seemingly nothing happens.

Click the “Open Texture in Texture tab” button and change the texture type to “Clouds” (or whatever procedural you prefer):


oooooh thank you so much <3 i love you !