Displace Modifier issues

I am using the displace modifier to get geometry detail in my meshes, it works great for flat surfaces but if one of my meshes is slightly more complex than a plain it doesn’t work.

I tried using normal direction and RGB to XYZ.
Normal direction stretches the model;

RGB to XYZ makes it so that one side is displaced outwards and the other side inwards. Making me think that the displace modifier doesn’t include negative axis.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Make sure the UV’s aren’t stretched at the area causing the issue.

the uvs are not stretched.

I never use the Displace Modifer but isn’t that what the “midlevel” setting is there for?

Have you tried if you have the same issues when using the displacement node instead of the modifier?

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Out of habit I had mid-level at 0 (perfect for planes), I switched it to default 0.5 and it fixed itself.

I used UV as the coordinates and normal for the direction.
With RGB to XYZ it still only displaces one side correctly though.