Displace modifier w/cycles

Does anyone have issues with the displacement modifier while using cycles? I’ve had problems with it consistently for the last few releases. Sometime it will work fine, and other times it will invert itself, so that the texture displaces in instead of out. Sometime it happens in the 3d viewport, sometimes not - sometime it only happens when rendering or previewing. It’s really annoying. When it does invert it is not a true invert, the calculations are just a mess. It then becomes hard to get the model to look right. Then, out of nowhere, it will return to normal.

Any changes to the texture node seem to cause the inversion. Currently I can exit out of Blender and when I open it back up it is fine - until I make a change to the nodes.

Really? No one else has this problem?

Can you share the settings on your displacement modifier tab? No one can tell from your result what is going on, but they might from seeing the settings and trying to reproduce the results. As it is, I only use the modifier every once in awhile, and since the values can be input as negative, I’m not too sure what the result is supposed to be at default on my own work, I just tune it in to where it looks right to me. I’ll be happy to try and figure something out if you can post your modifier tab.

Thanks for replying Craig. I’m not sure what the displacement settings are going to tell anyone since it is a random occurrence There is no rhyme or reason to when or if this bug pops up. Midlevel, as is typical, is set to .5, and strength is set accordingly. It is also not just this file. It occurs on multiple files with multiple displacement maps. Generally when the displacement map is first set up there are no issues. But after a render or two, or some other action, the displacement acts funky as was shown in my previous post. Sometimes I can get the displacement to come back and act appropriately, other times, no matter what I do, it stays messed up - even though when it was first set up it was fine. Also, identical settings on the same model in different files produce different results.

This is Blender 2.62. Displacement settings remain the same. Midlevel .5, strength .1.

And this is from version 2.65. Displacement settings unchanged.

Any chance there was a key frame inadvertently set that might have happened when sliding one slider, and the other slider changed?

I wish :slight_smile: The last two images I set up fresh. Again, as with the fish, it would swap between displacing correctly and displacing incorrectly depending on what I did - and depending on he file. Sometimes just entering the render view would cause it to happen. Leaving render view it would be ok. Or just tweaking a setting in the material nodes. It’s very strange and very annoying. I’m just shocked that I’m the only one to experience it as I have yet to see anyone else make mention. It occurs on three different computers. There is also no way to adjust it once it “inverts” to where it looks passable. Close, but not quite.