Displace Modifier


I want to use the Displace Modifier to get a mesh with displacement, but I have a problem with the texture.
When I add a texture by choosing my Displacement Map, I have a problem with the scale (My texture is 5276 x 1224, size is proportional to the mesh), but as you can on the image below, my texture is stretched, and I couldn’t figure out how to scale it:

Displacement Map:

Below is what I want to achieve with the modifier, but here it is with a shader including the node displacement:

Do you have any idea?

Once transformed into a mesh, I will be able to sculpt it.

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Have you tried playing around with the mapping section of your image texture?

alternatively, there is a coordinates dropdown within the modifier, you can select it to be UV and set it to a UV Map

What you showed in the first image is just the material preview. Wha’s you mapping ? And you have UV’s ??

Hi Tom,

Yes, you are right. By using UV on Coordinates, I get what I want!

The Modifier with the correct setting:

The result after applying the Modifier:

Now, I have to play with MeshLab to improve a little bit the Mesh before sculpting with Blender 2.93.

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Hi Okidoki,

I found how to do it, I had to put UV in the coordinates of the Modifier.

Thank you,

You’re Welcome :blush: