Displace Modifier??

Hi all,

Im trying to get my head around bump mapping, do i have to use a Displace Modifier to get the bump mapping to work, can it be achieved without one in the Material and Texture menus? Coz im have the NOR button down and the Nor slider up but i get nothing without the displace modifier which i didnt think should be the case???


Nope, you don’t have to do a displace map. That is the secret of the Normal map, being able to map a low poly mesh look high poly only through a texture. Having a displace map would make it so that you would have to have a high poly object. But for normal maps, you have to have it a certain color. And then you put the NOR slider all the way up to 25. Check out this sweet tutorial on the subject.


Thanks Dudebot13, appreciate your help.