displace with shape

another newb q.

Is it possible to displace vertex with a shape? Like having a subdivided plane and raising a group of vertex to form a dome, or a hemisphere… i remember reading something about it but I dont remember where (too many blender bookmarks, newbie greed :o )

You can use curve modifier.

Here is an example:

There two curve modifiers applied to mesh on the right.
NOTE: Curve modifiers works much better in CVS-blender! (are easier to use)

The Displace modifier in CVS-blender may be what you’re thinking of: http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/DisplaceModifier

Here are some threads about it:


Perhaps you were thinking of the proportional edit falloff (O key to toggle it on and off, or you can click the icon on the 3d view header. It’s the one between the manipulator and edge /vert /face select modes icons.). It only appears when you tab into the edit mode.

hey grafix, that was it!! me thankie, i didnt remember that proportional falloff name…