Displaced hdri

Hello guys,
very new to 3d and to blender (about 3 months). Today I am facing a peculiar problem that I never had before.
When I place an HDRI to my scene (unlike the times I have done before in the past) it comes up displaced by what seems like a 90-degree angle. When I try to set it up with texture coordinate and mapping with some crazy rotation values but the horizon goes above my subject and the bottom half of the HDRI becomes the actual horizon (as well as the fact that the image gets repeated so I have two suns for example).
Tried restarting the system, re-installing software, starting a new project. Every time I have the same issue. Any advice?

Screenshot would always help. Does this happen with all your HDRI’s or just this one particular one? If it’s just the one, then that image is not set up properly to be an environmental texture.

all of them i’m afraid. I tried playing around with whatever options I could on that as well

You appear to be using an Image Texture Node, for HDRI’s you should use an Environment Texture Node, this should correct the mapping.

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It did! Thank you so much!!!

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