Displaceing a converted mesh


i’ve been working on a project were i’ve converted a curve to a mesh and now i want to displace that mesh.
I want it to look like there’s cracks in the mesh, but it doesn’t work. Everytime i try to displace the mesh with a modifier the result is a weird unevend displaced mesh. I think the problem ls with the faces of the mesh, naturally the faces are a bit weird form the convertion to a mesh form a curve. I’ve tried to clean up the mesh and i even re-made the whole model with box modeling, but i get the same weird uneven result.

I’ve included diffrent versions of the mesh in the blend file.

The goal is to displace the converted mesh without having to drag down on the quality of the mesh or having to re-make the mesh.


Thanks on forehand :slight_smile:

in order for a displace modifier to work it has to have the correct topology and number of faces to accomodate the modifier. the reason it doesn’t work, is because your mesh is made up of long triangles. in order for it to work, you would need to retopologize it and give it some levels of multi-res to accomodate the details. it needs to be a somewhat net-like topology, preferably quads. you can try using the remesh modifier to get it into shape, but it may not be perfect. also, i think i recall you were using a noise texture, which is too fine for a displacement map. i would suggest trying one of the other procedurals like musgrave and turning the size down until you get a similar, but more uniform grainy effect. but really, if all you want is surface detail, you can do that much more economically with a bump map. procedural textures can also be used for this purpose.

You are my hero :smiley: The remesh modifier did wonders! can’t believe i’ve never heard about it before.

thank you so much! i was about to quit on this project thinking it was impossible! :slight_smile:

awesome. I’m glad it worked out.