Displacement and Normal maps

I have a couple questions-

-can normal maps be used in blender/ are they functional
-does anyone have any experience using blender and zbrush together, and if so is there a way to generate a either a normal map or displacement map and use them in blender?

I can get my mesh into zbrush and modify it but i have no idea how to export a normal map from it and use it in blender/and the same for that matter how would you do a displacment map also?

Yes, though they don’t do Tangent Space yet.

I’ve seen some examples in WIP.

I think you need NVida or ATI’s Normal map tools (Melody rings a bell) for the Z-Brush Hi-Poly and use that map on your Blender Low-Poly.


another zbrush question?.. here we go again

.obj files exported from zbrush import into blender just fine

you will not get the precision you want on the displacement map or the normal map however. [and it will take some experimenting to find the correct object or world space settings for normal maps].

so your fancy high detail displacement map… yeah, it’s not going to be very useful in blender. [or consider the example file of the ape [?] head… the detail of the hairs is completely lost]

[also the images have to be flipped on the y axis… but this kind of stuff you ought to be able to figure out on your own]

Thanks for the help

-yeah like I said I know how to import export mesh’s into zbrush and back to blender just fine, I’m just looking for a start to normal mapping.

I got great results using a normal map generated by nvidias normal map creation plugin fot photoshop. I don’t know the web address for the download, but just search for it on the web. I found it easily and it worked beautifully.

thats exactly what I was looking for thankx

just for future refrence