Displacement help

Hi ,

I am trying to add this texture to the top , if I use bump only I sort of get the result but its not raised enough see below ,.if I change to displacement it just doesn’t work at all, I am not sure what I need to do here

any assistance will be appreciated.


Welcome to BA! :confetti_ball:

Make sure you have enough geometry to actually displace according to your map; it looks like you don’t. Is your object scale applied?

But since you really just want a better bump: there’s a bug in Blender where the bumping in Cycles isn’t as strong as it should be. https://developer.blender.org/T74517 – the workaround is posted by Andrew Grabko if you scroll down a little.

Lastly – I find the node graph too small to read, but it looks like the Color Space of your displacement Image Texture is sRGB. It should be Non-Color. This isn’t the cause here, but being in sRGB colour space means Blender will do colour correction on your bump and displacement maps, which you do not want. This goes for all inputs that expect greyscale values.

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Thank you i didnt even think of the geometry, i added a subsurf and changed the colour correction and it has helped a stack, thank you

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