Displacement issue

Hi, I’m working on a flashlight. I got most the of models completed. I’m struggling to get the displacement to work on a handle grip. The one that is blue. Please help.

You could model it - or you could use a normal/bump map. It’s up to you.

For best results you should model it:


You want to use micro displacement

Build a height map of the bumpy texture if you don’t have one already (I’d use Materialize)

Attach to the material output displacement, you may also want to add a multiply node so you can manually adjust height. In the shader’s settings set it to displacement, not bump.

In cycles enable experimental

In your subsurf modifier enable adaptive

Search blender microdisplacement for more info

So I have been watching videos about micropolygon displacement. I have to change the Feature Set to Experimental under render setting. What are Experimental and Supported? What are the differences?

Some features (like adaptive subdivision) are only available in experimental mode because they are experimental.
The supported mode will run all features that have proved to be stable.

It looks like the Displace modifier is working.
But if you want the displacement texture to use UVs, you should set Texture Coordinates of modifier to UV instead of Local.