Displacement map issue.

So i have been using Blender for a while now but there is just one thing i cannot get right at all! Whenever i put a normal map on my texture its completely fine but when i use a displacement map it never fits the texture. Say for the example the texture was of a cobble street the displacement map is always like a scaled down version of the actual texture and as such never fits properly and makes the texture look bad.

As you can see in this image the displacement map is much more scaled down than the actual the texture is on the right. All i want to do is make them match up so the textures look correct,

What texture coordinates are you using for both options ?

Supply example blend file (including textures) for review

None the texture was unwrapped and has been totally untouched by the UV image editor what you see is exactly how it is when it was applied the Normal map Displacement map etc were generated in Crazy Bump so i cant see any reason why they are not matching up.

My apologies i was tired when i made that last post heres a link to the Blend file the Zip file also includes all the texture Normal Spec Disp etc. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58323848/DPMT.7z

I’m not able to extract the files, showing as damaged

Plain and simple: You’re using different mapping methods for your texture types…
Cycles uses by default UV mapping for textures, unless otherwise specified. And despite your claim thast none of the textures was unwrapped, the ground plane still has UV coordinates, which is why you can see those textures at all.

The Displace modifier on the other hand is set to use “Local” coordinates. Switch that to “UV” as well and all textures should match:



Thanks very much just a silly mistake on my end! one other thing i am wondering about why are my textures always so low resolution and blurred looking regardless of if its a high resolution image it shows a little in the image you posted where it looks very wet and blurred compared to the original image.

If we’re talking about the brick texture: That’s 1K x 1K - which is not that high res…

Or are we talking about the environment texture?

Just remember that this texture is spanning the entire “world” around the scene, which makes “high resolution” a rather relative term. For professional HDRIs a resolution of 10K x 5K or even 15K x 7.5K is not at all uncommon…

What you could do is to render with transparent background and adding a matching backplate in post.

The brick texture and just textures on meshes in general.