Displacement map problem, very urgent to solve :(

I have this decent sea for a work that I must send to a cluster in a few hours but for my surprise the animated offset in the textures of the displacement modifier dont animate the displacement, how I could animate it with that textures? Thanks a lot, It will save me the life.

At the moment I am using a empty object to animate the displacement but the problem is that it wouldn’t be coordinate with the animated textures, also it displays weird displacements :frowning:


Place an empty at the surface and choose in the DisplaceModifiers Panel -Object- as Texturecoordinates instead of the default -Local-. Then type in the objects(emptys) name.
Now you can animate the empty.

Edit: if there are some other textures related to the movement of the displacement map in the Materialbuttons, you should maybe map them to the empty as well, in the MapInputPanel.(Just if they should move the same way)

Hope this is what you’re loking for,


Thanks but my sea look very weirth even if I scale down the Z of the empty object.

You could try another plane instead of the empty?
And make shure the object has the same rotation as your seaobject.

have you watched this? http://vimeo.com/2685288

It seems it works very well with the plane. THANKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSS. I will inform of the final results this morning :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, at the moment I couldn’t show full screenshots or upload the video as it is a design of a ship that I made with a schoolmates for the school of design of Ferrol (Spain). I will ask for permision the next week in order to show more, even if it’s no very good due to the few time available (shadows off, water not traceable, some materials not to much worked …). Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: