Displacement Map Shading Issue

I’m new in Blender. I started using it about two months ago and made the D O N U T tutorial on the 2.8 without encountering any issues or problems. Recently i decided to re-model the scene by myself on the 2.9 and stumbled upon this shading glitch when applying the displacement texture on the donut.

Any tips on how to solve this???

Are you using the displacement in your material set as bump or as displacement?
For displacement you need much more subdivisions.

Depending on the scale of your model even the value of 0.015 can be too high. Try to change it.

In all cases, more subdivisions of the mesh help to solve the problem.

The displacement is set as displacement indeed and yes i tried various scalings of the texture but that shading glitch still pops up. The only way i found to solve it is to scale it down so little that you can barely see the texture. I was hoping for a better solution

You need to subdivide your mesh a lot more for such small features to be rendered correctly.
Are you using Adaptive Subdivision?
Just look how different Dicing Rate affect end result (look for viewport resolution):

Well, there’s no better solution than subdividing your mesh.

Anyway, normally when you want the displace to be smooth you don’t make the texture smaller, but bigger.

You guys mean more subdivisions than this…

And by the way i can’t find that Dicing Rate option @veti is talking about. :frowning_face:

You need to to switch Feature Set from “Supported” to "Experimental.
Then add Subdivision Modifier to your object and turn on Adaptive Subdivision.
Then in render setting you can tweak Dicing Rate

I solved it by myself…
Turns out i didn’t apply the scale to the object and that was somehow interfering with the displacement output.

Thanks anyways guys!