displacement map to "deboss" logo?

I’m trying to build a visual for a belt buckle and I wanted the buckle to have a small logo to look debossed or stamped onto a small portion of the buckle. I though using a displacment map should work but I can’t figure out how to do it. I attached a render of the buckle I made and the logo. I want to put the logo in the large corner of the buckle.

Anyone have any advice on how I could do this?


If it’s not animated, you could attach it with an object map, that’d be easy enough. If you know how to set up mapping, just set an empty in front of where you want the logo to go, with its z-axis pointing at (or away from, something z-related, anyway) the model surface. Then set mapping the mapping of your texture there to ‘object’ and put the name of the empty in the box beside the button.

Now, you could use displacement mapping, but unless you’re doing a super close-up on an oblique angle, I’d just set it to ‘nor’ (normal map)