Displacement Mapping Test

Just trying to perfect my skills in this tool…critiquw, suggestions appreaciated.

looks good but its way to jagged, either edit the image or lower the displacement amount

Try bluring the displacment image, or going to Texture Buttons and then selecting the colors tab and then sliding the Contr(Contrast) below 1.

That’s true, it’s a bit too distorted - unless you live in Malta ( I saw Photographs). There the walls look exactly like yours. Acid rain…

I’ve never gotten displacement to work all that I get is some strange distorted blob. it’s really good

I don’t think you should blur the entire image, the contrast (and therefore distance) of the spaces between the blocks is about right, you need to actually hand-select each block in your favorite photo editor and blur.

Displacement mapping tests? Did I miss something, is this a new blender feature? Blenders displacement has been pretty useless since it required a sub-d level of 4 or 5.

cool… i like it

aye? seems ok to me, ok maybe not for animation but for still images
ie this is a quick subd 3 test I did about a yr ago.(mesh isn’t very dense)

That’s not displacement mapping, that’s normal mapping. Bump mapping.



I used a grey scale image created with blenders internal paint tools, used displacement under mapto tab… basically a height map, so only in/out instead of the normal map x/y/z displacing.
In Blender lingo (slightly different to some other apps, which can cause confusion)
normal=3 dimensions
displacement=1 dimension
bump=shadow, no physical displacement.

Tynach, that happens to be displace. You can tell because some bumps overlap each other.