Displacement mapping

Is it possible to convert meshes with displacement mapped textures into real meshes with displaced vertices?


But the “Noise” function in Edit buttons window, can do similar things with textures…

Example: Add a Plane and assign a material and a texture on it. Subdivide it several times (5-6 times or more…). In Edit mode select all the vertices. Go to the Edit buttons and press the “Noise” button a couple of times. You’ll see that the vertices are getting “displaced”, according to the texture.

This used to be a fast way to create landscapes and terrain (that is before S68’s WorldForge script… ;))…

you’ll want to tweak the disp. slider to get an acceptable displacement with noise, how much it displaces is dependent on this slider

for such things i strongly recommend using the script A.N.T. - another noise tool. it has interactive displacement and supports all the new noise types. there is also a script that takes TGA images as input and displace your mesh - grab it from dedalo-3d.com (the makers of MakeHuman)



Thanks! Will check those scripts out. This forum is wonderful. :smiley: