Displacement maps, and bump height maps with multiple UDIMS

Long time no post! Ive been insetting in blender and trying to recreate a skin shader I have in Arnold maya. Its close but the displacement map is working like normal map for some reason. If I try to use the displacement modifier and sub division modifiers to get it to render correctly it doesn’t seem to allow udims. My model has 5 udims as suggested by the course I’m taking.

This is my shader network as big as I could make it. I also want to control the procedural noise with a map so its not in the lip and less on the nose. But I’m getting weird glitches when I attempt that.

Thanks in advance. If you need more pictures let me know.

You might have the Displacement setting set to bump only (It’s the default value). The Displacement Settings for the whole material are in the sidebar (Hotkey: N) when you click on the Material Output node.

Material Output Node > Sidebar Options > Surface > Displacement ( Dropdown, ENUM).


That solved the displacement issue! Blender tends to crash when it renders it though. Maybe its the 8 k maps?

How would I get the noise to be controlled by a bump map?