Displacement Maps

(Terence1986) #1

For some reason textures only work with Nor in blender for me, and i am trying to create water with a Disp map, but when i hit render, the plane is mostly if not completely unnaffected by it, and i turned disp up all the way…I’m stumped, can anybody help me figure this one out? Any help is appreciated, as always. Thanks! :smiley:

(Duoas) #2

Displacement mapping only works on existing vertices. So a plane (contains 4 vertices) will not show any real improvement.

Select your plane, Tab into Edit Mode, select all vertices, and subdivide four or five times (or more, if necessary…).

Hope this helps.

(Terence1986) #3

awesome! thanks!

(TRexian) #4

I think the documentation says something about how it works best when the subsurface mesh is enabled. Try working a subsurf in, and that might help.