Displacement maps?

I’ve tried to make a displacement map in blender but if its something more complex then a simple ‘cloud’ texture I get a horrible mess. It looks like spikes shooting in every direction.
Is this caused but my map being to detailed?
I even tried applying about 6 levels of subdividing to make sure there were enough vertexes (took forever to render) but I still ended up with a mess.

Without seeing a render, I can only guess that either:
a) you have displacement set too high (both nor and disp sliders effect it, just use disp generally); or
b) your displacement map has sharp transitions between vertecies (try blurring some it and see if that helps)

I assume the the disp slide affects how much the mesh was displaced, but then what does the nor slider do?

And ya I got it working by blurring it a bit, ty.

nor-slider is just for defining, how many bump needs to be rendered - doesn’t change mesh in any way, it’s the good old way. of course, the button “nor” must be activated for this to affect the render.

Try to play around with the scale of the texture.

be well

Pixel81k: The ‘nor’ slider does indeed influence displacement maps. Check the docs here: http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Displacement_Maps

Thanks guys, I turned the nor slider to 0 and blurred it a bit and its all good now :slight_smile:

uh, sorry, didn’t knew this - didn’t wanted to confuse :slight_smile: