Displacement Maps

Zbrush? Photoshop? The Gimp?

Meh, not needed for this little thing, but I’d like to learn how to use displacement maps. I’ve searched google, and found throught the Blender Wiki a program called “Zutilz”. Does anyone know how to operate it? – Nvm, can’t even compile it. MSVC maybe, but I don’t have that

Does anyone know any methods of creating Normal/Bump/Displacement maps of the objects in Blender?

Zbrush, that program seems to be amazing! Does anyone have any ideas on how to work with that?

Thanks in advance,

Displacement maps I don’t know, but I think you can bake normal maps onto textures now with the CVS builds.

Take the starting scene of Blender with one cube.

  • Add a material to the cube. Add a texture to the material, e.g. stucci with settings activated “Wall in”, “Hard noise”, noise size 0.025 and turbulence 1.50.
  • Go back to the “Map to” and disable COL and enable NOR and DISP. The nor value should be 0.05 and disp value should be 0.001.
  • Now comes the important part, otherwise the displacement is not working correctly: add a subsurf modifier and either use simple-subdivide or catmull in combination with 3 times subdivide.
  • RenderEt voila, …

Errrr, no that’s not what I meant.
I meant like Zbrush does, create the model, then save the displacement map of the model, and be able apply it to a low polygon mesh.

Have you seen this tut?