Displacement Maps

Hi, Sanbie here…I am totally new to blender…I have been using hexagon for a couple of years and got my work flow going ok…I did try blender…but the right click got to me…and I was faster in Hexagon…What I want to know is about displacement maps in blender…

If I make my item(I mainly make clothing)in Hexagon and export the obj…import into blender…Can I make a displacement map that can be used in poser?

I don’t know much about poser, but you can certainly render a displacement map in Blender.
Displacement maps are for the most part just heightmaps (black and white images) so I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work in poser.

I don’t know if the deficiency is mine or Blender’s, but I’ve never been able to make good displacement maps with Blender. I recommend xnormal instead.

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The only question that comes to mind is whether there’s a difference between the two products with regard to how the displacement is encoded . . . “does (R, G, B) correspond to (X, Y, Z)?” ; left-hand or right-hand; etc . . . but I wouldn’t know.

What I wanted to do is bring a low poly map that I have made into blender…then make it high poly to do the wrinkles and bits etc…but I wanted to make a displacement map of those wrinkles to use in poser…then import the lower poly mesh into poser and just use the high poly displacement map to bring out the wrinkles…
Just got to figure out how to make the displacement map lol